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Jan 10, 2014 Through tenacity and talent, tenor saxophonist Igor Butman worked his way through the nascent jazz scene of the Soviet Union in the. Igor Butman, now Russia's top jazz personality, is not only the artistic director of the country's best jazz club, president of Butman Music Records or leader of the. Fantine, Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra, "Besame mucho". Performance at "Triumph of Jazz" festival, 2013. prev next.

Igor Butman, Fantine and Moscow Jazz Orchestra present a special concert dedicated to 100th anniversary of the greatest female singer of all times - Ella. In 1983, Igor Butman played in Oleg Lundstrem`s big band - the best one in the USSR. In the Soviet Union, a country of over 300 million people, Igor was known as At the beginning of December 2007 Sony BMG Russia released “ Magic.

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