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Драйвер acceleraid 170

Mylex / LSI Logic: (LSI AcceleRAID and eXtremeRAID support line (510) 608- 2400) Mylex AcceleRAID 170 Single-Channel Ultra160 SCSI RAID Controller. The adapters supported by the aic driver include: Adaptec The aha driver supports the following SCSI host adapters: Adaptec AHA- Mylex AcceleRAID. The Linux DAC960 driver supports all current Mylex PCI RAID controllers including the new eXtremeRAID 2000/3000 and AcceleRAID 352/170/160 models. Debian GNU/Linux device driver check page - This database verifies the PCI AcceleRAID 170, and AcceleRAID 160, which have an entirely new firmware.

AcceleRAID 150 Driver (21). AcceleRAID 170 Driver (31). AcceleRAID 170LP Driver (31). AcceleRAID 200 Driver (10). AcceleRAID 250 Driver (21). AcceleRAID. Use the list below to find the correct LSI Logic MacOS driver. Next, select the driver from the list to download AcceleRAID 170 Driver · AcceleRAID 352 Driver. You've reached the right place. We have every kind of drivers you'll ever need. Here you'll find free access to the drivers you need. Just do a search using 33/100MHz, 55 MIPS, ICP-Vortex GDT RS, Mylex AcceleRAID 170, Adaptec Doug Ledford has released a new driver for the AIC789X series controller. I386,amd64 Controllers supported by the mly(4) driver include: Mylex AcceleRAID 160. Mylex AcceleRAID 170. Mylex AcceleRAID 352. Mylex eXtremeRAID. EXtremeRAID, RAID Assist, MegaRAID, AcceleRAID, and Global Array Manager are trademarks or registered 160/170/170LP/352. GAMTT Client software.

Jun 3, 2016 Is the kernel driver needed for this RAID system available in the default kernel? Hardware using this driver: Mylex AcceleRAID 352/170/160.

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